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If you don’t follow Cornelius Lysaght on Twitter (@corneliusracing), you’d have missed this flow of information today, reproduced below in the order it was tweeted.

It may surprise you to know I have some sympathy with Nic. I don’t agree with the BHA’s position on laying, as I have explained before; and I may believe that he’s leading racing and SROC as if he understands nothing about either as far as the betting world is concerned; but being accosted in public by Harry would be no fun.

Angry confrontation by paddock between controversial owner Harry Findlay & BHA boss Nic Coward
More on Findlay v Coward: security trying to move HF on & standing between them
Harry Findlay squared up to clearly shaken Nic Coward. Said BHA had “ruined his life” by carrying on a “vendetta” against him
Staggering scenes at Donc as crowds gathered around confrontation between Harry Findlay & Nic Coward; not seen anything quite like it before
After furious Harry Findlay left, Nic Coward said: This is not the way to behave. HF initial ban reduced to fine for betting offence
Harry Findlay called on Nic Coward to resign. Made other claims about Coward & BHA chairman Paul Roy that cant be repeated for legal reasons
Harry Findlay has promised to return to Doncaster to continue the row with Nic Coward and BHA chairman Paul Roy tomorrow

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  1. sandracer says

    Findlay say’s he’s not going to confront Nic again in public.

    Anyway, I’m not quite sure how they can accuse him of laying the horse (gullible gordon), when he had more on it to win. I’m not surprised he’s peeved..

    I don’t think Findlay rushing the fella is the right way to go though.


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