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Last night; and today.

Last night’s rugby had a somewhat historical feel to it.

Betfair were quick out of the blocks. Ladbrokes welcomed them. Betfair went 50-nil up. Ladbrokes complained it wasn’t fair. It finished 79-7 to Betfair. And Andrew Black delighted the attendant fans by stepping up to present the trophy. Ten years whittled down to 80 minutes.

In all seriousness, good on the Ladbrokes guys for putting a team together in aid of a very good cause (the Anthony Nolan Trust); and well done to the lads at Betfair who took the initiative to organise it. It was a fun evening.

If you’re waiting, meanwhile, for a comment from me on the Betfair float, I’m not about to make one about the price or the process.

I would, though, say two quick things.

First, clearly I’m delighted the company is now public – not least because when I argue in favour of Betfair, people can’t tell me that it is because I have a vested financial interest in winning the argument. If I thought the argument didn’t stand up and was in danger of being lost, I could simply sell out.

But far more importantly than that, I’d like to thank all those of you who may be readers of this blog who have played any part in the success of the business, and have therefore made (perhaps indirectly) such an enormous contribution to me personally. I can never thank you all individually, and there are far too many of you even to list, but I am very grateful for what you have done, and very aware of the fact that only fraction of the success could have been achieved without you.

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  1. Leonthefixer says

    Well done on the Rugby win Mark and well done with the float, though you could have just posted this instead 😉

    Best of luck for the future and keep blogging!

  2. The Geek says

    Which reminds me…

  3. The Geek says

    PS Couldn’t lend me a tenner could you? ;=)

  4. Leonthefixer says

    Guessing you are away Mark spending some of Mr Roy’s investment 😉 given the lack of blog posts despite enough fodder for you in the last few days from the likes of Coward, Dixon and Roy to keep you in blog posts for the rest of the year?

    Looking forward to your take on events!

  5. The Geek says

    Leon you’re such an impatient soul. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    PS Mark, there’s no rush but hurry up before Leon dies of old age. ;=)

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