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Andy and me

All the stuff about Prince Andrew making friends with the wrong people has had me smiling this week, if only because of the way people have questioned whether he knows who he is making friends with when he does.

In my experience, there’s every chance he doesn’t.

At Royal Ascot last summer, I briefly popped in to the Ascot Authority for a cup of tea, and as I turned to leave, who should I literally almost bump into on his way in but the Prince himself. In that way that people do, he quickly glanced at my name badge, which – unsurprisingly – said “Mark Davies Esq”. Unfortunately, it didn’t also say, “but not the one on the Ascot Authority”.

The Prince was well briefed, but not quite well enough. “Ah, Mark!” he said jovially as he shook me by the hand. “Wonderful day! Wonderful day!”

Of course, knowing exactly what he had done, the only thought which went through my head was “Oh Christ… Do I tell him now he’s making a tit of himself not recognising the other MD (who is old enough to be my dad) and thinking that I’m important, or do I play along and see if I can bluff my way out?”

Thankfully, I didn’t have to make the decision. A leggy blonde walked by at a suitable moment, and the conversation was over.

If only Jeffrey Epstein and Saif Gaddafi were more common names, he’d be off the hook.

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