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Hypocrisy? No!

I was going to write a long spiel about the media reaction to the DCMS Select Committee’s report, asking how they could on the one hand get hot under the collar about the number of shops on the High Street and then on the other get all unhappy when a solution to that issue – to allow more than four machines in any one shop – is suggested.

It reminded me of the BISL conference last year where Harriet Harman launched a great tirade against bookmaking shops, and then, when asked if that meant she would therefore support online gambling (since consumer demand meant it had to be one or the other), got herself slightly tied in knots.

And then this appeared on the Daily mail website.

And I thought to myself…what’s the point in writing loads, when a picture is worth a thousand words…?





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  1. ScottF says

    but it’s in the Daily Mail…. I can’t possibly agree with something in the Daily Mail… this does not compute….warning… warning… system malfunction….

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