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Sun exclusive!

I have an old friend who used to write headlines for the Sun before he took to novel writing. He was always desperate for the South African archbishop to die while he was on shift, just so he could splash the front cover with ‘Ta-ta Tutu’.

It seems that the headline writers do anything to be able to use a good line…

And so today, as Leveson reports, they have given us this exclusive about how Coral is joining the rest of the gambling industry in the 21st century.

Who do we think must be prouder: the Sun for having a story that no-one else has covered, or Coral for the ground-breaking innovation of their product?
















(I will get back to writing something sensible at some point, incidentally… I keep trying to find time to cover Football DataCo and football fixtures, but I’ve been flat out with things with Camberton. Hence the daft recent postings!)

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