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Banking complaints down (from a big number)

I see Barclays have put out a press release today, commenting that ‘even one unhappy customer is one too many’. Long way to go, then:

  • Total Barclays complaints in the last six months excluding PPI are 91,215, down 46 per cent (H1 2012 169,062; H2 2012 132,520);
  • Complaints including PPI were 381,740 (down 16 per cent  (H1 2012 454,675; H2 2012 427,334);
  • Banking complaints are down 48 per cent to 81,222 (H1 2012 156,621; H2 2012 121,115).
  • Barclays has now reduced these complaints by 62 per cent since 2010 (H2 2010 215,326) through a renewed focus on tackling complaints.

No wonder P2P is taking off…

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