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Grand National

I landed in Sydney this morning, where I am attending the Asian Racing Conference, to the largest flurry of e-mails I have had for some time. Most of them revolved around the Grand National. In any circumstances other than that I would have been roughly over Darwin at the time the race went off, I’d […]

A bit of Fielding

A lottery is a taxation/Upon all the fools in creation/And Heaven be praised/ It is easily raised/ Credulity’s always in fashion (1732) I was interested today to read the exchange in the DCMS Select Committee hearing which took place a week ago last Tuesday, featuring people from Camelot talking about the National Lottery. I had […]

The Boat Race

Earlier in the week, I had great plans to blog about the fact that it was 20 years (on 4th April) since one of the more memorable days of my life: I left the Bank of England Sports Club, Cambridge’s perennial pre-Boat Race lodging, as the title music for Champions heralded the start of Grandstand […]


Quite chuffed to see that my blog was mentioned in the FT today, in connection with Ralph Topping starting one.   Sporting chance for Topping blog By Emiko Terazono Published: April 8 2011 01:35 | Last updated: April 8 2011 01:35 Always good for a few punchy words of wisdom, William Hill chief executive Ralph Topping has launched […]

The vision thing

My last two posts have been about ideas that will appear, to many, to have come from left field. Indeed, the first was posted on a Facebook group shortly after I wrote it, under the following commentary: Admirable and a nice idea yes, but given the lack of resources for the club side of our […]

Membership’s for life, not just for Christmas. But for Christmas is a start.

A busy schedule has stopped me from following up on my first rowing blog for ages, but two things in the last 24 hours have made me realise that it’s about time I did, so here I am. The first was an e-mail I received from someone who had questioned why he needed to be […]

In, out! In, out? There’s more to it than that

The most-read post that I have ever written on this site was this one following the 2012 Boat Race – the one famous both for the swimmer and for the fact that Oxford finished with seven oarsmen after a clash. Dad, who is involved in broadcasting on the race for a 20th year this year (he commentated […]

Robert Nason, where are you now?

Just when I thought that the news of Ladbrokes’ new exchange was the final and complete vindication of what we were trying to do with the launch of Betfair 13 years ago, news reaches my ears of an appointment in Australia that trumps it. My former colleague Andrew Twaits, the one-time CEO of Betfair Australia […]

Mine’s a bedroom, yours is a mansion

There was a letter to one of the papers last week – the same week that a ComRes poll for the National Housing Federation revealed that 59% of adults agree that the Bedroom Tax should be abandoned entirely, rising to 79% of people who intend to vote Labour – which said that the Bedroom Tax was a great […]

Ban Twitter? Surely ICC should be doing the opposite?

I’m scratching my head this morning at the news that the ICC has banned the use of Twitter during the Cricket World Cup in order to reduce the likelihood of corruption and the use of inside information. I picked it up as I arrived in the office after attending a breakfast at which the Egyptian […]